Selling a Nice or Bad House Located in a Bad Columbus, OH Neighborhood

columbus bad neighborhood

High rates of crime and unemployment plague areas of Columbus, Ohio. The city is one of the fastest-growing in the nation. But that’s little help if you have been struggling to sell a run down or even a nice house in a bad neighborhood. Traditional buyers don’t typically look for such property. You need to connect with a buyer who is not afraid of owning real estate in a problem neighborhood.

Our tips for selling a house in a bad location will help you find the right buyer. Applying these suggestions will assist you in attracting such a buyer—even if you don’t have a great house.

8 Effective Tips to Help You Sell Your Great of Bad Home in a Bad Neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio

Beautify the Inside

Getting rid of the clutter cannot be over-emphasized. A cluttered, dirty house will send most buyers looking elsewhere. If an item isn’t absolutely necessary, give it away, throw it away, or store it out of sight. Clean until the house both looks and smells clean.

Look Past Your Property

Offer to mow your neighbor’s yard until your house sells. An overgrown yard next door reflects poorly on your home.

Newbie Homeowners Are Your Easiest Target

Do your research and find out what first-time home buyers want in a house. The main attraction of your house will be its affordability. But make sure to emphasize any features in your home that will appeal to potential buyers. Many older homes have large windows, and natural light is important to buyers. Maximize the windows in your house by removing dated window coverings. And add a little paint or stain where needed. Emphasize any other features of your home that buyers want.

And the Outside

Get your yard work up to date. Prune overgrown bushes and shrubs. Remove low-hanging branches from the trees. At the least, wash the front door and the front porch. Plant some flowers if in season.

Try Home Staging

Staging helps buyers picture themselves living in the home. Store family photos, trophies, and any other memorabilia out of sight (It isn’t very easy for buyers to see the house as theirs with pictures of your family on the walls). Arrange furniture to emphasize your home’s appealing features.

Look Into an Open House

While open houses are inconvenient, they are inexpensive and effective ways to advertise locally. If you’ve done an excellent job preparing your home, it will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Consider Seller Financing

If you own the property without any liens, considering offering owner-financing for qualified buyers. Such an offer is a great sales incentive for first-time buyers.

Be Honest

Fully disclose the problems with your house. But don’t forget to mention the good things about your home as well as your neighborhood.

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Just 5 of the Worst Neighborhoods of Columbus, Ohio We Looks for Properties In


This neighborhood is also known as the Bottoms, because of its low-lying geography. It is also at the bottom of Columbus’ socio-economic index. Property crime is close to three times the national average. And violent crime is more than double the national average, according to Although some rehabilitation is occurring, the area is still widely unpopular.


The neighborhood developed because of its industrial base. But the last factories shut down during the 1980s, leaving behind crime and low-quality housing. According to, rental units outnumber owned homes by almost two to one. Poor-quality schools also contribute to the area’s unpopularity.

Fort Columbus Airport

This area has a high poverty rate, with the median household income just under one half of the US average. Home values are 83% lower than the US average—according to High rates of crime and unemployment, coupled with failing schools, make this one of Columbus’ most undesirable neighborhoods.

South Linden

Home values in the neighborhood are approximately one-third that of the Ohio average. Just under half of the population live below the poverty level, according to Property crime is three times the national average, and violent crime is more than double the national average. Add to the problems a list of failing schools, and people avoid living in this area, if at all possible.


Hilltop has some very old, dilapidated homes that attract the criminal element. According to Columbus police statistics, the neighborhood leads the city in violent crimes—including murder, felonious assault, and robbery. Rampant drug addiction, prostitution, and property crimes discourage homebuyers.

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