How to Sell an Ugly or Old House As Is and Fast in Columbus, OH, Despite Its Poor Condition and Without Major Repairs It Needs

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Properties in poor condition don’t attract many offers in Ohio’s housing market. Because buyers are rarely interested in houses that need a lot of work, you can’t sell your run down house in a short time frame without arranging for costly repairs beforehand. When you need a fast and easy real estate transaction, the real estate investors of Columbus Cash Home Buyers are ready to help. When you sell “as is” to our experienced professionals, you can skip making any updates and collect a great all-cash profit in only 72 hours after you sign the purchase contract.

How We Do Our Business

We Buy Problem Houses Fast

Working with us means your property is officially traded hands in 3 to 30 days. While each property comes with factors that either speed up or delay a sale, we give homeowners their profit in a fraction of the time it takes to sell through traditional means.

We Purchase them As Is: You Don’t Fix a Thing!

We buy ugly houses and damaged homes! If your house comes with a long list of problems, don’t worry. No matter the condition your home is in now, we can give you an all-cash offer. You can sell your fixer upper to us in any condition it is currently in, and we would be happy to arrange for all necessary repairs or remodeling ourselves.

No Financing Problems: We Pay You Cash

As a company that buys houses in any condition, in exchange for clear-cut profit, we’ll put in the work so you receive the cash you’re owed as soon as possible. While using other means to sell your house can leave you sitting around for months or more than a year waiting for your profit to be placed in your hands, you can collect your money from us less than 72 hours after our purchase contract is signed.

Fair Deal: Not a Single Hidden Fee

We conduct transparent real estate transactions, which means we never slam our clients with surprise expenses! All renovation and repair costs we will have after you get your cash, are included into your cash offer you get right after a quick appraisal.

We Buy Houses in the Worst Condition

Structural and Foundation Cracks and Defects

Structural or foundation problems are in a league of their own. These damages critically affect your home’s resale value. Buyers are easily scared off when a house needs foundation repairs or its structure is compromised. These damages take serious money to fix, and you may not have the funds to make repairs yourself. However, you can sell as is to Columbus Cash Home Buyers!

Fire and Smoke Damage

A fire-damaged property likely needs serious repairs, but you can be hard-pressed to find the money needed to make all updates. On the same note, a home with current damages is a difficult house to sell through the traditional housing market. Many times we’ve bought properties with significant fire damage for cash in just days. If you’re ready to make a profit, we’re ready to make an offer.

Water Damage and Its Results

When a recent flood has wrecked your home, mold problems have creeped up again, or leaky pipes have caused water damage, you’re in for a lot of stress. Your finances will take a heavy hit if you make repairs and pay for remediation and prevention measures out of pocket. Even then, you may not find a buyer for a long time. Don’t let your property be lumped in with the other junk houses on the market and make yourself wait forever for an offer that might not come. Call us today for an obligation-free offer!

Termite-Infested Properties

Termites erode your home’s structural integrity, your finances, and your patience. Long after the pests have been exterminated and you’ve paid for costly services and inspections, you can still suffer thanks to your property’s termite history dissuading buyers from making an offer. No matter your home’s current condition or a long history of termite problems, you can sell quickly to us without having to put any additional effort into your home first. We’ll take your old house off your hands and give you a fast profit.

Old Unsafe Homes with Asbestos

Because airborne asbestos fibers can cause serious medical problems when breathed in, asbestos siding and other building materials require professional removal services. Without removal and additional inspections, buyers will be hesitant to make an offer. On the other hand, you could sell your old house to us, and we’ll handle making your home livable and attractive while you enjoy your profit.

Tips for Sellers of Houses that Need Work

If my house needs repairs, should I make them before selling my property?

When you work with a realtor or want to sell your home yourself, making repairs first is usually not only in your best interest, but also a requirement to find a buyer. If your home is in poor condition, you likely can’t sell your house in an average amount of time through traditional means.

The good news is that you have another option that saves you from spending any of your time or hard-earned money to fix up a house just to sell it. Real estate investors can make an offer on your home in its current condition, then buy the property just in a few days, and then make all repairs themselves at their expense.

Can I be sued for selling a damaged property?

If you don’t disclose all of your property’s issues in accordance with Ohio’s disclosure laws, then you can be sued. When disclosure laws are followed, the seller’s responsibility for a property ends after closing. To be fair to your buyer and avoid committing fraud, you should be upfront about all damages you know of during the real estate transaction so your buyer can rightfully take responsibility for the property’s issues after closing day.

What is the term of being liable for selling a house with problems in Ohio?

When you include all of your home’s issues in a disclosure agreement, your liability as the home seller ends on closing day. After the property is exchanged, the new owner is responsible for all defects. With that said, cases of fraud are exceptions. In Ohio, the statute of limitations is 4 years. This means a buyer can file a claim during the 3 years after closing day to hold the seller responsible if the seller committed fraud.

In Columbus, OH, what should home sellers disclose to their buyers before finalizing the sale?

In Ohio, disclosure laws dictate that all property defects must be declared to the buyer. When the seller fails to disclose all defects like structural damage after termite issues, needed foundation repairs, asbestos siding, water damage, and other such problems, the seller can be faced with a lawsuit.

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