How to Sell a Columbus House As Is Fast if It’s Been Flooded or Has Recurring Troubles with Black, Toxic Mold

columbus water damage and mold

Black mold that won’t go away from a house for sale runs off buyers. For many homeowners, it will be easier to sell a home like this to a real estate investor for cash.

The Ordeal of Selling a Flooded or Mold-Infested Property

Most homebuyers are not looking to take on a house with problems like mold and mildew. There are added hurdles if you want to sell your home with the help of a realtor if it has mold growing in the basement, attic or other places.

Before you can list the home, you will probably be expected to take a number of expensive and time-consuming steps toward fixing all the problems. Those would likely include inspections and tests for mold. In the most serious cases homeowners need to purchase and install a dehumidifier to adjust the humidity level, as well as repair insulation of the ventilation system to prevent the regrowth of mildew and mold.

After all those boxes have been checked, though, the home can still linger on the real estate market for some time. Many potential buyers are wary of purchasing a home with a long repair history and may be concerned at the possible recurrence of the problem.

What to Do if You Can’t Repair Water Damage or Get Rid of Mold

What if there were an alternative to spending your own time and money to repair your home, after it’s had water in the basement or survived a serious flood disaster, in the hopes of selling it traditionally by putting it on the Columbus real estate market? Would you take it?

You do have another option—selling the house to a real estate investor that will pay fast cash for your home and take your property As Is. Columbus Cash Home Buyers have been on the market for years in Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas. As a company that buys houses for cash, we help people by providing the most helpful home buying service in Texas.

How We Do Our Business

We Buy Problem Houses Fast

Normally it can take as much as several months to close the sale on a home in Columbus real estate market with a Realtor or property broker. You can realistically expect it to take even more time if the house has had significant problems such as water damage, mold, or mildew.

Compare that to the very different experience you’ll have with a real estate investor such as Columbus Cash Home Buyers. We offer you a very different kind of real estate transaction, one that’s quick and efficient, closing home sales in 3 to 30 days.

We Purchase them As Is: You Don’t Fix a Thing!

We buy problem homes As Is – this means that houses that have had water in the basement, or that have issues with black mold or mildew, whether past or present, are not a problem for us.

After you walk away from the property with cash, we’ll take care of all the repairs and remediation, and any other work that needs to be done.

As real estate investors, we are prepared to take on all of the headaches and hassles involved so you can just sell your home, wash your hands of it entirely, and walk away completely free.

No Financing Problems: We Pay You Cash

When you sell your home with an agent after putting it on the real estate market, there is typically a bank loan or mortgage involved. That usually means waiting for someone sitting behind a desk to give the deal the green light before you can get paid. This is especially problematic if a house has problems, including mold and water damage.

We are a company that buys houses for cash. That means you never have to wait for the rubber stamp to get a check, because we bring cold, hard cash to the table.

Fair Deal: Not a Single Hidden Fee

When we make you an offer for your home, it’s a transparent one. You won’t find any tricks or hidden charges when you deal with us. And we won’t spring any surprise real estate agent’s commissions or broker’s fees on you at the end of the deal. We pay the closing costs, as well. The quote we give you is the bottom line and it already has everything else rolled into it.

We Care About Your Needs

Our specialized home buying services are always personally tailored to suit your very specific need in selling your house. We will come right to you, we will take care of everything, and we will do it on your schedule. We get you cash and we get it to you quickly, just the way you want it.

Tips for Sellers of Houses with Mold or Water Damage

How can a flooded home with recurring mold problems be sold in Columbus, OH?

There are essentially two ways that you can sell a house that has been flooded or has had water damage. You could sell the home in the traditional manner, which would entail first making all the necessary repairs and improvements to the house. That will likely include buying and installing any needed dehumidification systems and ventilation upgrades to prevent the regrowth of mildew and mold in the basement or inside the walls of your home.

After you do all that, you can then hire a realtor to help you sell your house and hope that buyers aren’t scared off by its history – that’s the hard way.

Or you could instead sell your home to a company that buys houses As Is for cash. That way would leave you walking away with cash in your hands – that’s the fast and easy way, so you don’t need to let a wet basement put a damper on selling your home.

What am I expected to disclose when selling a house damaged by flooding with black mold growing all over it in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, the seller of a home is required to disclose to potential buyers any significant defects or malfunctions in a number of aspects of the house. Several of those are elements that could be significantly affected by flooding or other water damage, or toxic mold, such as the interior and exterior walls and the insulation between them.

Other parts vulnerable to these types of damage and that are required to be disclosed are the floors and ceilings, the roof and foundation, and the plumbing and sewer systems.

Failure to advise a prospective buyer of black, toxic mold or not disclosing a leaky basement, when the seller was aware of those issues or they just weren’t difficult to find, can result in a lawsuit being filed for up to 4 years after a home is sold, according to Ohio statute of limitations for fraud.

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